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The Green Oval Podcast, the podcast for Land Rover owners, enthusiasts and adventurers

Featuring interviews with Land Rover owners, updates on our exploits and general Land Rover banter (warning can be mildly amusing at times).

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  • Episode 5 – Santana Trophy Part1 “It’s cold outside”
    Episode 5 of the Green Oval Podcast Coming up this episode we find out the desert is actually quite cold, we take a wrong turning and I sleep with two Dutch men
  • Episode 4 – Will a roof rack hold a camel
    Episode 4 of the Green Oval Podcast Coming up this episode Stuart does 18 things, eBay sends us special vouchers and we work out if we can winch a camel on to a Land Rover roof rack
  • Land Rover 109 Series III
    Episode 3 – Now with Flaps
    Episode 3 of the Green Oval Podcast Coming up this episode we find a typo in a Land Rover magazine, we talk to a man who has just fitted some mud flaps and chat with a man who once visited Scotland.
  • Episode 2 – Search & Rescue
    Episode 2 of the Green Oval Podcast meets with James who is the Wyre Forest Land Search Training Manager for the Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA)

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  • Episode 1 – Dragged through Flatdog backwards
    We meet Stuart to find out about his Land Rover journey, his latest purchase (Land Rover 110) and why he is spending a week in the Sahara Desert with me and some Spaniards.

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