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April 30, 2018
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Land Rover GPS trackers

Why fit a tracker

The Land Rover Defender is the second most stolen and least recovered vehicle in the UK. A GPS Land Rover tracker can help with the recovery aspect, if you are alerted quickly to the vehicle being moved then there is more chance of recovering it or even preventing the theft.

Many Land Rover's are stolen off drive ways in the middle of the night without the keys because lets be honest most of them you can get into with a screwdriver. The GPS tracker can notify you as soon as it moves or a door is opened you can then track it or even disable the vehicle remotely.

Layered Security

steering lockWe all know the Land Rover Defender comes with little in built security but adding your own layers on can dramatically reduce the chances of it being stolen. Layers of security might be a steering lock, pedal lock, security bolts on the hinges and an alarm system. A GPS tracker for your Land Rover is just one more layer of security.

Choosing a Vehicle tracker

Deciding which tracker to fit to your Land Rover can be tricky as they range from £40 - £300 and some include very large installation fees or annual fees. The most expensive options £300+ often come with a tracking and recovery service such as tracker, these are also typically accepted by insurance companies. The tracker also uses a unique VHF network rather than relying on GPS signals, although they claim this can't be jammed, the reality is any signal can be jammed with the right equipment.

The GPS trackers like Guardian GPS offers a cost effective solution that are very reasonably priced. They use a mobile phone SIM card to alert you and update you of their current location (typically to a mobile phone app), you can also send them a signal to disable the vehicle should you suspect it stolen.