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Exhaust back box change Landrover 110 300Tdi
Landrover Defender 110 – 300 Tdi
May 20, 2017
Fitting a Land Rover Defender 110 Cubby box
June 24, 2017

Exhaust back box change Land Rover 110 300Tdi

Work has started on the Land Rover 110 300 Tdi to get it ready for a summer road trip, first job was to replace the rear exhaust section. The exhaust has rusted completely through between the back box and the tail pipe, the tail pipe was only held on by the hanger.

The exhaust section was purchased (Rear Tailpipe and Silencer - 110/130 300TDI - ESR2384) from Paddock Spares for £31.23. I am learning with this Land Rover every small job is most definitely not small and is not quick, everything is rusted on and the angle grinder is becoming my friend.

I started at what was left of the tail pipe and wrestled with the hanger to get it out of the mounting rubber, literary wrestled it like it was a bear. I tried sticking a screwdriver in to work it out of the rubber but in the end brute force did it (brute force wins every time).

The next bit proved to be a major feet, the rear pipe is bolted to the middle section of the exhaust by two bolts which are part of the middle section and are welded in place (or so it turns out, I assumed they were just bolted through and could be removed). My guess is this exhaust has been on the car for a good 10 years so has had plenty of time for the parts of the exhaust to get attached to each other. The first nut on the left bolt, with enough brute force came off, its difficult to get enough leverage on a socket when laid under the Land Rover (I didn't jack it up) eating and crying rust. The second nut however just refused to budge, then I put enough force on it to break the weld on the top of the bolt so it started to spin. So I have a spinning bolt and no way to grip it because its welded at the top it doesn't have a normal size head to get a spanner onto it and mole grips weren't working either. In the end the trusty angle grinder came out and I just cut straight through it and took it out.
So the next phase was to get the old one out and the new one in. Sounds easy but the way it winds its way through makes it difficult, the old one came out easier because it was missing the end and therefore shorter. Trying to put the new one in was impossible no matter how I positioned the exhaust it wouldn't go through and then I though if I raised the Land Rover up it would give me a lot more room, so out came the trolley jack. Yes much easier that did the trick, with the new one threaded through, the rear hanger connected and a new bolt put in to replace the one I grinded off and it was done.

A quick start of the engine to check for leaks and job done. If it was not for rusted bolts it is probably a 45 min job but in the end took several hours and several cups of tea.