Land Rover Madness

This is all about the stuff we do with cars/Land Rovers. It's fair to say we are old enough to know better but we don't. We are motoring adventurers. We take a vehicle and drive it across Countries and Continents to see which breaks first the vehicle or us.

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Recently we have gone a bit Land Rover mad, some would say obsessed. We even launched a podcast all about Land Rovers - Green Oval Podcast
July 4, 2019

Does my Land Rover need mud tyres?

BF Goodrich AT KO2 boots Emilia (Defender 110) has had BF Goodrich AT KO2 boots almost since day 1 of ownership, as it was one of […]
February 26, 2019

Strata Florida off-road

7 mile off-road mecca Strata Florida is a 7 mile mecca for off-road enthusiasts, named after the Strata Florida Abbey which is a former Cistercian abbey positioned […]
September 19, 2018

Bearmach roof rack – any good?

The Bearmach alloy slimline roof rack is it any good? It is modelled on the Frontrunner slimline roof rack so looks wise it definitely looks the […]
July 16, 2018

Episode 6 – Santana Trophy Part2 “My water broke”

Episode 6 of the Green Oval Podcast Coming up this episode we speak to a German, we break a bottle of mineral water and Stuart bought the wrong suspension.
July 2, 2018

Salisbury Axle diff play

How much play should there be in the diff of a Salisbury Axel. We took the diff pan off the Defender 110 to have a look, from what other's are saying this looks to be normal. The other good news is there were no lumps of metal in the oil that came out or sat in the pan, the gears and teeth look good as well
June 6, 2018

Episode 5 – Santana Trophy Part1 “It’s cold outside”

Episode 5 of the Green Oval Podcast Coming up this episode we find out the desert is actually quite cold, we take a wrong turning and I sleep with two Dutch men
May 4, 2018

Land Rover GPS trackers

The Land Rover Defender is the second most stolen and least recovered vehicle in the UK. A GPS Land Rover tracker can help with the recovery aspect.
April 30, 2018

Car insurance in Morocco

If you are planning a trip to Morocco with your Land Rover then one of the things to consider is car insurance. Morocco requires you to […]
April 29, 2018

Changing Oil on a Land Rover Defender Salisbury Axel

As ever the Haynes manual is not very helpful when it comes to changing the oil on the Defender 110 diff, it says helpful things like just fill it with new oil, how?